Two versions of Topia released!

2009-06-09 17:59:18 by PolishPat

Originally having posted the 2min edit of Topia for use for Newgrounds and

Seams like a lot of good feedback had come my way, so I had created a 192 quality of the 5min Radio Edit (In order to be able to upload a track under 8mb in size) and posted it as well.

Now you will all be able to see what the full version of the track sounds like!

Definitely feel free to hit up my website at to hear and download the full version of Topia (Over 7min in length) as well as 320 quality versions of the tracks, and others!

Thanks again for the feedback, and look forward to more from me soon enough! :-D

...And P.S. The pic below is NOT myself. It's a friend of mine. I just wanted a picture with the post. And it's a funny picture. So put two and two together hahaha

Two versions of Topia released!


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